About Me

Hi, I’m Alan Song, and I’m a native Chinese who has been living in China for more than 24 years. If you want to learn some practical Chinese, great, because that’s exactly what I may help you with!

Like most of the Chinese students, I’ve been learning English for more than a decade. But I never suffered with grammars or expressions like they do, because I study mostly not from textbooks, but practices. 

I enjoyed the process learning English, and I wish you the same with Chinese. So here in my website, I’ll try my best to provide you something different, something more vivid and practical.   

Sit back and chill, no pressure. Come here once in a while to see what real Chinese looks like and I believe you will make progress before you even realize it.




If you have any suggestions, requests or business enquires, just leave a comment in the form below, or drop an Email to mailalansong@gmail.com !

I’m also glad to see you on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy learning!